We live in constant fear. Fear of future, fear of what other people think, fear of failure, fear of being left behind, fear of being alone, fear of losing, fear of unknown, and even the fear of love and happiness. You name it and you will find a fear associated with it.

Why do we fear so much and how does this fear help us in any way ? It does not help rather enhances our troubles.  Fear is nothing but a state a mind created by ourselves to cocoon ourselves. Running from fears is not going to help. We must face our fears and rise.mind

I believe that it is not quite easy to set ourselves free from fear. But, I can say this with confidence that we can condition our fears as well, like our thoughts. Let’s start by asking ourselves what should we fear the most. Note ‘should’. We all know the exact answer to this question. For me, it is ‘stop trying’. The day I will stop trying and start accepting the mindset “that’s just the way it is’ is most fearful. I must prevent it. I must keep myself motivated and stay determined to keep trying and change for good.

The answer to this question will vary from person to person. You need to see what you really fear deep inside, ignore every other superficial fear.

Now, that you are aware of your real deep fear, make this fear your personal drive for growth. Let it make you work harder and harder. This way we can channel our fears in our favor. This can work even better than outer motivation.

I came across these lines somewhere and I want all of us to remember these –

What do I fear ?

I fear stagnation and lack of progress.

I fear never reaching my potential and being average.

I fear being forgotten..The past..Yesterday’s news.

I fear giving up and being passed by, going softly into that good night.

I fear letting those I love down, letting myself down.

I fear settling, giving in to the ‘that’s just the way it is’ mindset,

I fear dying without leaving my mark.

I fear not feeling these fears anymore and just floating along.

These fears feed me, they nourish my drive.

I love my fear.



‘Very Inspirational Blogger’ Award & ‘The Versatile Blogger’ Award

Last year, I was awarded the following two awards – ‘One lovely Blog’ Award & ‘Liebster Blog’ Award.  Now, I got two more surprises by getting nominated for ‘Very Inspirational Blogger’ award and ‘ The Versatile Blogger’ award.



These awards mean a lot to me and inspire me to keep my spirits up. I am so glad to get nominated. I am thankful to the considerate fellow bloggers who nominated me –

  • The Lone Panda / Antics of a Lady for ‘Very Inspirational Blogger’ award
    • The author of this blog is an amazing woman. You can find posts on variety of topics from life to beauty & health.  I specially like her posts on beauty.
  • A Beautiful Disaster / Asewalson for  ‘The Versatile Blogger’ award
    • She writes her feelings – crude feelings and that is what makes this blog so special. Excellent posts that will make you think.

As per the rules of these awards, I am now supposed to tell 7 facts about myself and nominate blogs for these awards.

So, here come some facts about me –

  • I was born on Virgo-Libra cusp – means I have characteristics of both the zodiac signs
  • Apart from English and my mother tongue , I can speak two major Asian languages –
    • Hindi
    • Mandarin Chinese
    • I also learned some Indonesian as well during my stay there. Spanish is next on my list
  • I am an introvert and was a nerd in my school days
  • I draw really well and sometimes dance as well
  • I love music but not a big fan of lyrics. Prefer instrumental. Recently, I started listening to Sanskrit chants (I studied Sanskrit for 4 years)
  • I am obsessed with X-Men

Now, the nominations for both of these awards are –

I am hoping to work earnestly on my blog this year. Thank you for encouragement. 🙂


No maps of Change…

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‘Change’ is the key to success. Without change, we cannot expect success or defeat. What makes one person successful and other person a mediocre ?  – “Phase of Change”  

Everyone faces phases of change throughout his/her life.  What matters is how they make through this phase. We all know the theory of evolution –  Adaption is the key to survival.  We can use this analogy to understand the phase of change. People who stay determined with strong will-power and adapt to changes (whether they like it or not) always make it to the other side. Those who fail, don’t.

Change can be positive or negative.  Sometimes it is beyond our control but our attitude towards a change can differentiate the phase of change. Most of the time we are afraid of change. The thought of change in our monotonous routine, our habitual comfort zone makes us fear it. Our initial thoughts turn negative, thus we fail to perceive change as positive.

A slight change perspective towards change can make a big difference, with little patience. Some people have an inherent positive attitude but for most of us, it is not that easy as it sounds. Just by thinking that I am going to perceive things positively is not going to help that much. Some efforts are required on our parts.

We need to condition our thoughts first – It takes a lot of practice. In the initial phase, you will not probably notice any change. You mind will try to follow the same old negative thought pattern, which is expected. But by just being aware that you are trying to be positive about something, self-awareness will develop. This self-awareness will pave your path to ultimate conditioning.

 Keep our motivational levels high – Motivation is not a permanent thing. You actually need to feed it everyday to keep it up.  This is a sad truth. But we know it, right. So, make sure you keep your motivation up – see inspirational movies, read books and read my blog everyday 🙂  This will help you keep going and power you to face challenging situations.

Try to stay away from negativity – This could mean staying away from people who are a negative influence or even cleaning your room. Negative people will never encourage you. Try to stay with people who are driven and motivated. Make your physical surroundings positive. Clean your room if it is a mess. Pray everyday.

Don’t give up – Keep trying. It is the most important factor. You may find it difficult initially but don’t let that discourage you. One day you will succeed. If you work earnestly towards your goal, you will achieve it ultimately. It may not happen in first attempt. But does it really matter? Just keep trying. You will succeed.

This journey is unique for everyone. Everyone has their own different path to the same destination. There is no definite way to reach it – no map to describe the path and no one to witness your journey but you. Only you will be the testimony to this journey. 

In the last, I want to tell you that I am myself in the same journey and still trying. I am at a stage where I am aware of my thoughts. It is a long journey, indeed. Just remember –  If I can, you can too. Don’t let small defeats discourage you. Embrace the CHANGE. Be the CHANGE.


Overcome failure…

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There are chances that you may not succeed at once. You will have to try again till you get what you want. Don’t ever let that first defeat dishearten you. It is not the end of the world. Learn from it. Try to see why you failed, what went wrong and what you could have done to make it right. Once you become aware of these, start working on the weaknesses and try again. Aim again. You will do it. You will achieve.

And, it is okay to be sad for the defeat. We are human, it hurts when you work earnestly for something but do not get desired results. Accept your emotions and don’t run from them. This makes it much easier. Embrace your pain. If you won’t, someone else definitely cannot. Nobody understands you better than yourself.


This is the beginning…



New Year’s Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this trans-formative year of delight and self-discovery. Today carve out a quite interlude for yourself in which to dream, pen in hand. ONLY DREAMS GIVE BIRTH TO CHANGE. – Sarah Ban Breathnach.


Happy New Year and Thank You for support, comments, likes and awards

On the New Year’s eve, I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

This year has been amazing for me from different perspectives. A lot of things changed for good. These changes have brought new insights to me. Taking inspiration from these positive changes, I embarked my blog with the aim to motivate and inspire people to change.

Life is really a journey of continuous introspection and efforts. I truly believe in efforts to improve oneself, to be a better person. When I embarked this journey of conscious change, I took inspiration and motivation from self-development blogs.  This journey is life long and it becomes our responsibility to help others in need. So, this blog is helping me fulfill this responsibility.

But this would not have been possible without the amazing support that I got from fellow bloggers. In course, I also gained some good friends. I feel grateful. 🙂

Also, I have been nominated for the two awards by two amazing bloggers –

  1. One lovely blog Award by Donning The Crescent
  2. Liebster Blog Award by ON A JOURNEY WITH CHANGE…


I thank you both for considering me for these awards.

As per the nomination rules, I am supposed to nominate other blogs for the awards – here is my list of nomination for both the awards –

Honestly, I have such a big list, but I shall end it here for this post today. Hope to come up with some new nominations in the new year.

Thank you.